Wednesday, November 18, 2009

doesn't get more real than this. :)

Nie Nie Dialogues:

There is a blog that I like to read frequently.
It's by a woman named Stephanie Nielson.

She was in a airplane crash a while ago,
and suffered severe burns on most of her body.

She is an avid blogger and uses creative
photography to show the essence of her life
at home with her kids and husband.

She doesn't do photography professionally,
I believe, but her work is so amazing, down
to earth, and real. I admire it with
gusto. It really shows life in it's purest form
and I really relate to it.

And she uses a canon rebel xsi. *smile*
Plus! Her whole life style is based around
vintage everything, which is totally

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  1. real genuine colorful edgy and capturing movement and emotion -my-kinda-gal!