Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Blog

I have created a new blog that coincides with my portrait photography. That is where all my updated pictures will be placed from now on! Stop by and check it out sometime in the future.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Favorite Pics from Project

I like this picture because of the shadows the trees are making.
I also like the colors in the foreground and the dark blue of the sky.
It would have been nice to have more going on in the sky, it's kinda bland.
I do like the blue though.
I really liked how all of these pictures turned out.
It was a simple landscape piece, but I feel like that's what makes it fun.
I also love how the blue in the background really gives a great backdrop.
The way the branch lays is nice, as well.
I really like this picture.
This is one of my favorite from Yellowstone.
I absolutely love these dead trees. So cool.
The branches are awesomely shaped and I like the focused/out of focus areas complementing eachother.
Once again,t he sky was really blue that day and I think it makes a great backdrop.

I appreciate these birds... and this picture.
It took me forever to get them to fly and so this was quite the accomplishment for me.
I like the motion blur of the wings and the fairly infocus heads and bodies.
The splashes in the water add to the dynamic.
This is another really simple picture.
I love reflections and the colors are fairly bright in this one and I like it.
I also like the angle of the reflection..

I really liked the work of this photographer who would set up scenes to represent certain mental states. Her pictures on "writer's block" and"obsessive compulsive disorder" were extremely interesting. I really wanted to find her, but after an unsuccessful attempt to google her, I've given up and am just going to post a few of my portraits I've been workin on recently.

Rocky Seniors Display

To be completely honest, I did not make it to the exhibit this week.
However, I did some research on the exhibit and was able to view a couple pictures that were displayed.

I was able to find out that there were three seniors whose art was included in this particular exhibit. Those three are Cassie Scheidecker, Krista Hoyes, and Monica Geary.

I found an article (after googling the exhibit) about the exhibit that had a photo attached by Cassie Scheidecker. The photo was of a person, presumably her, who was playing the guitar, but her arms and hands were surrounded by barb-wire. This photo was intended to represent the struggles Scheidecker has with a severe case of arthritis and how it complicates the things she loves to do. I found this particular composition inspiring, touching, and very emotional. It was an amazing photograph.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

doesn't get more real than this. :)

Nie Nie Dialogues:

There is a blog that I like to read frequently.
It's by a woman named Stephanie Nielson.

She was in a airplane crash a while ago,
and suffered severe burns on most of her body.

She is an avid blogger and uses creative
photography to show the essence of her life
at home with her kids and husband.

She doesn't do photography professionally,
I believe, but her work is so amazing, down
to earth, and real. I admire it with
gusto. It really shows life in it's purest form
and I really relate to it.

And she uses a canon rebel xsi. *smile*
Plus! Her whole life style is based around
vintage everything, which is totally

Monday, November 16, 2009

Photography Assignment


This is a branch off of a crab apple tree on campus
I used the lowest f stop (4) on my EF-S 55-250mm IS

I focused on the one rain drop and the reflection of the branches you can see in it
I also used my EF-S 50-250mm IS for this shot

This shot was taken in Rim Country with Dave's 70-200mm IS during sunset
I used a low f-stop and a low shutter speed for this photograph

As I was looking through my photos to post on my blog, I realized that I had forgotten to take a photo using the hyperfocal settings on my camera. I, therefore, took a photograph that was "somewhat" in focus and used editing tools to sharpen it as much as possible. To have done this correctly while shooting, I should have raised the f-stop up and consequently brought my shutter speed down. However, this picture was taken at (I believe) an aperture of 5.6 which is typically too low to get a clear, focused picture from front to background.


I used a panning motion while trying to capture this bird at Rim Country. However, in the process, the settings on my camera were not accurately placed and I could have not had my camera completely steady, plus the movement from the bird gave a little blur to the picture. This was also taken using Dave's 70-200mm.


This was taken on Rocky's campus of a tree branch attached to a tree. I used my 50-250mm to take this shot and put the f-stop down to a 4 to create a highly blurry background and a small focus point.


This tree was shot in a prairie dog town in Rim Country. It was a lone tree in the plain of the town and I thought it somewhat interesting. I tried using the Rule of Thirds to evening split the landscape and create a photograph under this particular rule.


I like this photograph because it gives a clear, focued look of the branch and the snow placed on top of it, but you also get some snow falling in the background which I think looks pretty cool. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Randy Smith

So I was on a search for commercial photographers again.
I typed in "commercial photography" and this guy caught my eye.
His name's Randy Smith and he does a wide variety of commercial photography.
Some of his genres include aviation, travel, vehicle, and product photography.
I found his work inventive and interesting.
The whole commercial photography field gets more and more appealing.
check it out.